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A Journal by Don Gerz

"No Problem" (A Very Short Story about a Very Long Thing) by Donald Gerz

He woke up this morning with the distinct feeling that someone was observing him.

He raised his head and opened his eyes.  There she a dark corner of his bedroom...watching.

He said to himself, "Fuck it," closed his eyes, and went back to sleep.

When he woke up, it took him a few centuries to realize he had died.

He finally had everything he needed to make a go of it.

He always had it.

We all do.

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"Cup of Coffee" by Don Gerz

They said she was all wrong for him, that she would destroy his life...but he thought she was his cup of coffee.  When the cup had been drained, he returned to his family and friends, but they were gone.  He looked for her, but she was gone. Good cup of coffee though.  Perhaps he should have had another, but it was too late.

Fitness Results (Swimming, Biking, and Gym) thru September 2015

Holly Springs Pool / Marietta, GA

729 Swimming Miles: July 2010 to October 2015
1,026 Workouts:
July 2010 to October 2015

Spring / Marietta, GA

1,015 Cycling Miles: March 2014 to October 2015
203 Workouts: March 2014 to October 2015

Fitness 1440 Gym / Marietta, GA

71 GYM Workouts in 2015
7,000 AB REPS / 6,100 ARM REPS in 2015

"How He Became God" by Donald A. Gerz

It wasn’t always this way...enthusiasts flinging palm branches in front of his donkey, poor sinners baring their souls, confessing their sins, sacrificing their lives, giving time and money to the poor for him, fighting wars over him, swearing oaths, taking his name in vain, asking him for things that were impossible, even for God...especially for God.

Most of the time he had not been God. Far from it. He was just a simple the beginning, a beginning that never ended.

He never wanted to be God in the first place. All he wanted was to help people...all people. Yes, he loved God, called Him “Father.” He had no idea he would be called upon to be God’s be God incarnate, God among us.

One night he sweated blood in a garden, in a grove of olive trees where he prayed until the morning of his execution. He was an ordinary carpenter turned preacher. But on that day he had been asked by God to become God by doing what we all are called upon to do: suffer and then die with as much grace as humanly possible.

It hadn’t been his idea. The God he knew did not seem to suffer, and he certainly did not die.

Now he was asked to become God by emptying the vessel of his humanity with no assurance that he would achieve anything but suffering before an untimely death.

He hadn’t known what scared him more: Suffering and then dying, or becoming God.

The suffering and dying were beyond difficult, but being God was even harder. So much to do, and so much despair in a world that had started off so well.

After his suffering and death, he awoke and walked out of his tomb. Suddenly, everything became clear. Before, faith had been impossible, hope had been nothing more than wishful dreaming, and love was merely idle yearning. All of that changed when he walked out of the tomb.

Now life was bulging with the infinite possibilities it had in the beginning. Faith became a free choice, hope became possible, and love became real again.

It all happened when he said yes in the garden. That’s how he became God.

"The Foxy News" by Donald Gerz

He waits for his car on a customer service chair
in a customer service area
while the foxy news
services him,
telling him what’s up,
what’s down,
what he has to worry about,
what he has to fear...everything.

He gazes out of the customer service window
as a mechanic changes his oil from sludge to honey
while the foxy news changes his mind from honey to sludge.

foxy news tells him what he knows,
and what he knows is the fear the
foxy news tells him
he already knows.

And he knows he knows
because the
foxy news tells him he knows.

It’s enough for him to be told what he already knows,
for the foxy station has convinced him
that it is he who knows...
knows what to believe,
knows whom to believe,
knows to believe
those who tell him he knows what he knows
because he knows it.

Munching on a chocolate
thanking God he is not an irrational tool of propaganda,
he patiently waits for his car.

The customer service manager calls his name
over the customer service public address system,
momentarily silencing the foxy news.

His car is ready,
and he is happy.

"The Objects of Perception" by Donald A. Gerz

By their nature, perceptions of the objects of reality are inaccurate and/or biased representations of reality itself.  Often we perceive more than what is in front of us, while at other times we perceive less than what is actually present. In both cases, not even the best minds get it quite right.

Absolute and even relative realities cannot be completely and coherently processed through and reproduced by the senses and then accurately represented through language and thought.  The fog of perception begins in sensation and often obscures and sometimes muddles the complete and true nature of anything, any place, and anyone.

Put simply, we often have no complete notion of what we sense and perceive of reality.  What we know of reality depends on our perceptions, not on reality itself.

Consequently, we know very little.  And what we do know is only a fragment of what is actual, true, and real.

Swimming, Cycling, and Gym Results up to September 1, 2015

721 Miles and
1,015 Workouts since July 2010

975 Cycling Miles and
195 Workouts since March 1, 2014

6,300 AB REPS / 5,400 ARM REPS and
63 GYM Workouts in 2015

"Outtakes" by Donald Gerz

We devote twenty,

thirty, forty,

fifty, sixty


to shallow breathing,

excusing ourselves from

being and doing

until a last gasp,

a final grasp

as we shrink under clean sheets

then die

We fight death

nail and tooth,

crumbling bones and dried flesh

collapsing around us into graves and urns,

illuminating vanishing paths to eternity

in the glare of darkness

that is

Obituaries ignore our outtakes,

most of the best scenes left on the cutting room floor

Records show we made a difference

We always make a difference,

a huge difference,


before we crawl under clean sheets

to rot into oblivion,

only a few choose

the courage to do and be

Fewer yet choose both

Each obituary is a gloss of a life,

but doing and being tell the whole truth,

nothing but the truth

And each life is a director’s cut

of a documentary

surviving the grave

and projecting Grace onto the screen

of our eternal being and doing

here and now


Don Gerz earned his B.A. degree in English and philosophy with additional postgraduate majors in secondary English education and critical theory, as well as a minor in psychology.

He sold clinical laboratory equipment for over fifteen years and taught composition and British, American, and world
literature for over twenty years in Texas and Georgia.

Don and his wife Carol live in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  They have two adult children and two grandchildren.

An Online Portfolio

Swimming, Cycling, and Gym Workouts as of August 1, 2015

February 2014 / Costa Rica


Holly Springs Club Pool / Marietta, Georgia / July 2015

715 Swim Miles since July 2010
1,007 Swim Workouts since July 2010


Front Yard / Marietta, Georgia / March 2014

1,010 Cycling Miles since March 1, 2014
202 Cycling Workouts
since March 1, 2014


Cosmos Gym / Marietta, Georgia / July 2015

5,500 AB REPS / 4,600 ARM REPS in 2015
55 GYM Workouts in 2015


Weight on June 1, 2010 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 205 lbs
Weight on August 1, 2015 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 170 lbs.
Weight Loss since June 1, 2010 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 35 lbs.

Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate (June 27, 2015) >>> 119/72 - 58
Age >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 68


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